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Our goal is to create a knowledge hub and public reporting platform. This will add transparency to opaque industries and businesses. Everyone interested is welcome to participate and share their knowledge with our community.

Initially, we plan to focus on the Offshore Investment Industry in Mainland China. Reasons for this include:

  • Serious problems with products being sold
  • Lack of any regulatory oversight
  • No requirements for any type of qualification or credentials.

If you have been contacted by any of the the following companies:

  • Austen Morris Associates
  • deVere and Partners
  • Elite Investment Group
  • Essential Finance(also known as Offshore2Online)
  • Montpellier(also known as Financial Partners International (FPI), and Overseas Financial Services (OFS).
  • Tenbridge
  • And many others.

Please contact the CIRCĀ (China Insurance Regulatory Commission) and forward all email correspondence with any of these companies to them. The CIRC prohibits the sale of all foreign insurance products in China.

  • Beijing HQ phone: +86 10 6628 6688 (no English service)
  • Shanghai Phone: +86 21 3865 6666 (no English service)

More information is available on the following link:Offshore Investment Industry in Mainland China

Later on we plan to add other discussions about other Industries in other Regions.


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